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Nordal Panorama is located in an idyllic green area at Tranby, in Lier, where MIRIS will build innovative, active, sustainable, and not least climate-friendly detached houses.

Lier is Norway's apple and fruit municipality, and the views from the houses are long and beautiful. The project will contain functional, modern family homes, in safe and lush surroundings just 25 minutes’ drive from Oslo.

The project has 3 types of dwellings divided into three sites. In total, the area will have capacity for 20 homes. The houses are sustainable and to be built without large amounts of concrete, with extensive use of wood and natural stone cladding. The houses will be equipped with water-borne heat, solar panels, modern climate strategy, food waste facilities, modern faming systems and smart electrical engineering. We have chosen a stylish Nordic architecture with refined facades, large windows and a lot of light.